Neath Port Talbot Badger Rescue

Protecting Our Local Badgers


There are many ways you can help the Badger Rescue to protect and look after the welfare of your local badgers,which include:
Reporting Setts
If you know of a badger sett(s) please let us, or your nearest badger group, know.  If the sett is not already known to us we can check it out and keep an eye on it in the future
Reporting Sett Interference
If you see anyone that you suspect is digging or interfering with a badger sett then please call the police on 999 (emergency number) immediately, but do NOT challenge the 'suspects' yourselves
Reporting Road Casualties
If you accidentally run over a badger (this is not an offence), or spot one injured on the road or roadside, then please contact us, your nearest badger group, RSPCA or local police.  This will enable someone to attend the incident. The badger may even be alive and make a full recovery after treatment
However, do NOT try to rescue the badger yourself, roads are dangerous, and the badger, although appearing dead at first, may 'come round'. Badgers are not aggressive animals but may bite if injured or trapped - LEAVE it to someone who is experienced in handling badgers
Reporting Injured/Orphaned Badgers
Although some badgers do wander about in the evening daylight, if you spot one that you feel may be injured, eg. having trouble walking etc,or has taken refuge in a garden or similar,then contact please us, your nearest badger group, or RSPCA. Similarly, if you see asmall badger (around the size of a puppy) wandering about on its own then it may be likely that something has happened to its mother and has become orphaned.  In such case, again contact one of the above.
Reporting Development
Please advise us of building and road developments etc where a badger sett or badger/wildlife habitat may be threatened. We strive to work with the local authorities and developers, but we may not know of a development that's taking place
Spread the Word
Please publicise the badger group and the plight of the badger within your circle of friends and reatives. Not everyone knows of the badger groups' existence, or of similar groups nationwide
Join a Badger Protection Organisation
You can help of course by joining a local or near badger welfare society, club or group etc. If you would like to know more and what is available in your area then please click on the link below to access the Badger Trust website, among other information this lists its member groups with contact details.  To find other similar groups you can use a search engine, such as Google, by searching for badger protection clubs and societies etc.